I signed up, but can’t access the members’ area.

If you signed up for my free firearms training newsletter, you will not have access to the paid members area. To get access to the members’ area you will need to become a paying member by purchasing one of my low cost subscription memberships.


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    Roy Baggett

    I am a New Rules Member but this site does not recognize me. 

    Name :Roy Baggett Email Address

    Seawolf   Username 

    Signed up on Old Website on or about 12/28/2016

    Let me know if I am active or need to re-up.

    Thank You 



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    Thomas Michael

    Hey Chris, just a heads up. As of 1/6/2017 at 2049 local, cannot access the sight. I know your working on it and I understand. Stay safe, see ya on the inside shortly.

    Tommy Sanzo

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    Savvas Kollis

    Hey Chris having an issue logging into the site even after trying to reset my password. I know your having issues with the site and hope you get everything straighten out and up and running again. Great info and thank you for your service.

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    John Chandler

    I am locked out of features once logged into members area again.  Features locked: Video Library, Hangouts, Dry fire drills, Weekly Training Tips, Member discounts, etc all the listed stuff from there down.  Checked account and credit card info is correct and recent dues paid current.  Thank you for the help.


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    Chris Sajnog

    Hey Guys, sorry I just saw these (This is a new support system too).


    I created tickets for each of you and will get it taken care of asap.




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    David Bowen

    I am a New Rules Member but this site does not recognize me. I contacted you once through e-mail and received a link to this.  I signed up, but it looks like this isn't working either.  I signed up in Sept 2016.  Just in time for all the website headaches.  Can't find anything explaining what is going on or how long it might take. 

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    Chris Sajnog

    David, I can't find any emails or support tickets from you before this. Might you have used another email address or name? Either way, I'll get you taken care of. The site is up and running.

    Anytime you need help, the best thing to do is send a support ticket (link at the top of support page, this is a discussion forum)

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    Dustin Ford

    Hey there Mr. Sajnog. Trying to get going on the site but things not working out. Down loads are locked & just sends me to purchase a membership. I already have one that I bought in August. Can you please help. 

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