Why do you use Facebook for your comments?

I've moved all my comments to Facebook for 3 reasons:

  1. To add credibility and quality to the comments: People can say they're anyone they want on regular blog posts, now if they want to lie they need to create an account to do it.
  2. To reduce SPAM: I was getting more SPAM comments than real ones and was paying for system to block them. Now Facebook does it for me.
  3. It allows me to produce more content: By having comments on Facebook, other people will see them and check out my training. The more people that do that - the more time I can spend creating new content. I can't answer 20K subscribers individual questions - but if they are all in one place I can find the most common ones and answer them.


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    Will McCaskill

    I have many reasons for not posting on Facebook, I guess no comments from me!

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